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Diesel Multi Conditioner

Price €16.88

Upgrades the quality level and performance of the diesel fuel.

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X1 5W30

Price €15.47

Ester based synthetic high performance engine oil that provides optimum protection and extended engine life and reliability.

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D-Grease Cleaner

Price €8.56

Degreases and cleans all mechanical components. Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and hardened deposits; complete cleaning & degreasing of structural components in motor vehicles and industrial applications.

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Price €21.50

For all types of automatic and manual transmissions.

Suitable for use in ATF flushing devices.

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X-TRAN 75W90

Price €17.50

For manual gearboxes, power steering units, torque converters and other hydraulic equipment.

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XP 100

Price €15.95

XP 100 is a synthetic power steering fluid booster.

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VRX 5W30

Price €32.45

VRX 5W30 is the very latest generation of engine oil. This product outperforms largely all traditional motor oils because of its unique formula: the very special mix of high performance synthetic ester base oils and high tech additives.

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Price €16.50

XA-DEXRON VI is a high-performance ATF based on state-of-art additives and specially selected synthetic base oils. Its special composition causes a longer lifetime of this liquid compared with older Dexron types.

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Intake Pro Petrol

Price €14.70

Powerful intake system cleaner for petrol engines. Cleaning takes only 5 to 10 minutes with a minimum necessity to dismantle components.

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X-Brake DOT4

Price €11.56

X-Brake DOT 4 is a premium quality, thin-bodied synthetic brake fluid. Especially developed for the new generation of cars with electronic safety systems such as ABS, ASR, ESP, EBD, BAS and all their variants.


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XC Lube + Cerflon

Price €15.63

High-tech multi-purpose product containing the advanced Cerflon ® reinforced lubricant. Obtains exceptional lubricative and protective properties even in severe applications.

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GPX 5W40

Price €16.39

GPX 5W40 is a synthetic top grade engine oil, containing ‘Micro Carbon Graphite’, provides important advantages over other oils. Reduces friction between moving engine parts that wastefully consumes fuel energy.

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