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Ultimax Diesel Conditioner

Price €23.13

Recommended for all Diesel engines including the latest generation with Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser. Biodiesel compatible.

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Price €21.50

For all types of automatic and manual transmissions.

Suitable for use in ATF flushing devices.

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VRX Gear

Price €44.75

VRX GEAR has been developed according to the latest top technology to reduce friction and wear in manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions.

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Restop Radiator anti-leak

Price €13.95

Restop is a hi-tech product designed to provide Triple-Action servicing of the engine cooling system:

  • repairing small leaks
  • lubricating the water pump
  • keeping the system clean and protected
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XP 100

Price €15.95

XP 100 is a synthetic power steering fluid booster.

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CE 300

Price €32.88

CE300 is recommended for all petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, as well as industrial engines.

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