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Ultimax Diesel Conditioner

Price €23.13

Recommended for all Diesel engines including the latest generation with Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser. Biodiesel compatible.

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Ultimax Petrol conditioner

Price €23.13

Ultimate multifunctional petrol fuel additive. Specially designed for modern petrol engines including the latest generation high pressure directly injected

X Treme Winter D

Price €14.75

Improves flow properties of the fuel and increases performance of diesel engines at temperatures up to -30°C.

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In & Out Diesel

Price €74.50

‘In & Out Cleaner’ is a professional product of the latest generation, based on the ultimate Nexgen™ technology, with a double field of action:

  • Effectively cleans the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF), the catalytic converter, as well as the turbo compressor and its variable...
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Valvex lead substitute

Price €12.44

Valvex lead substitute is a self-mixing combination of agents formulated according to state-of-the-art additives and fuel technology. Protects soft valve seats against premature wear when using unleaded petrol.

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Price €19.94

Nex10™ is compatible with all standard diesel fuels and their additives. Suitable for all Diesel engines including the latest generation directly injected CRD, TDI, JTD, HDI, with EGR, Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser.

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X-Flush Diesel Injection Flush

Price €17.25

Highly efficient product, which directly removes deposits from injectors, injection pump and combustion chambers. Improves fuel injection & general performance of the diesel engines.

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