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Hoogwaardige benzine-additieven: reinigt injectoren, pomp, roetfilter, turbocompressor en meer. Tevens hebben wij ook boosters voor benzine in ons gamma. Zoals Octaanboosters: die zorgen voor brandstofbesparing en een zuiver injectiesysteem.


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Ultimax Petrol conditioner

Price €17.20

Ultimate multifunctional petrol fuel additive. Specially designed for modern petrol engines including the latest generation high pressure directly injected

Valvex lead substitute

Price €8.90

Valvex lead substitute is a self-mixing combination of agents formulated according to state-of-the-art additives and fuel technology. Protects soft valve seats against premature wear when using unleaded petrol.

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In & Out Petrol

Price €58.60

IN & OUT PETROL CLEANER is a professional product of a new generation with a double field of action in DI and IDI petrol engines.

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