Oil Engine

Motorolie-additieven: vermindert de wrijving & slijtage, verbetert prestaties en herstelt motormankementen.

Oil Engine

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CE 300

Price €32.88

CE300 is recommended for all petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, as well as industrial engines.

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Price €18.49

Recommended for all petrol and diesel engines.

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Super G

Price €17.49

The Super-G technology is a Trinergetic combination of powerful lubricants: Mo-Complex (liquid Molybdenum), Carbon Graphite and Complex Ester oils. Together they build a very strong lubricating film inside the engine. The film assures substantial decrease of the coefficient of friction and...

Super Seal

Price €23.25

Recommended for petrol and diesel engines and also gearboxes and hydraulic systems. Suitable for mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils (except from brake fluids).

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Visco Charge

Price €14.95

Engine oil additive for engines with wear symptoms. Specially designed to stabilize the viscosity of motor oils at high temperature.

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VRX 500

Price €59.95

VRX500 is an ultimate generation engine oil additive, chemical of the latest technology in elaboration of lubrication and engine performance.

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XG 100K

Price €31.49

Recommended for all petrol and diesel engines of vehicles with higher mileage (not suitable for new engines). Especially effective in older engines. Will not correct mechanical malfunctions.

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