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Intake Pro Petrol

Price €14.70

Powerful intake system cleaner for petrol engines. Cleaning takes only 5 to 10 minutes with a minimum necessity to dismantle components.

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XC Lube + Cerflon

Price €15.63

High-tech multi-purpose product containing the advanced Cerflon ® reinforced lubricant. Obtains exceptional lubricative and protective properties even in severe applications.

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Bug Vanish

Price €9.00

Cleaning spray for contactless removing traces of insects, bird droppings, pollen from all surfaces of cars, motorbikes and trucks. Bug Vanish has a high cleaning capability and does not damage the coating or other parts of the body.

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D-Grease Cleaner

Price €8.56

Degreases and cleans all mechanical components. Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and hardened deposits; complete cleaning & degreasing of structural components in motor vehicles and industrial applications.

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Intake Pro Diesel

Price €14.95

Powerful intake system cleaner for diesel engines. Cleaning takes only 5 to 10 minutes with a minimum necessity to dismantle components.

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Super 5.1 + Cerflon

Price €11.69

Super 5.1 is a strong rust loosening, lubricative and protective multifunctional product. Its advanced formulation contains the Cerflon® reinforced lubricant.

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Cabin Detailing

Price €11.00

Efficiently cleans, renews and protects all hard parts of the car interior, dashboard and other plastic, wooden and painted surfaces.

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Zinc Coat+

Price €18.50

Zinc spray is a professional product, providing long term stable protection from corrosion on ferrous metals.

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D-Solv FoodPro

Price €12.31

Powerful, fast drying degreaser and cleaner for all industrial machine parts in food industry.

Efficiently removes oil, wax, grease, tar, resinous materials, adhesives or glues and many other substances.

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Price €19.69

Professional ceramic lubricant aerosol. Provides reliable lubrication and protection of parts exposed to high temperatures.

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Clean Leather

Price €10.50

Clean Leather™ provides superior cleaning of leather and Alcantara upholstery. Gives a deep cleaning in a safe way. Suitable for all smooth leather types. Even removes stubborn stains. Not suitable for suede.

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Brake Cleaner Pro XXXL

Price €6.50

High pressure aerosol for degreasing and cleaning of all brake parts, such as master cylinders, caliper, discs and clutch plates. Multi purpose cleaner.

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