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XC Lube + Cerflon

Price €17.60

High-tech multi-purpose product containing the advanced Cerflon ® reinforced lubricant. Obtains exceptional lubricative and protective properties even in severe applications.

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Super 5.1 + Cerflon

Price €12.90

Super 5.1 is a strong rust loosening, lubricative and protective multifunctional product. Its advanced formulation contains the Cerflon® reinforced lubricant.

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Price €28.60

Professional ceramic lubricant aerosol. Provides reliable lubrication and protection of parts exposed to high temperatures.

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Price €16.80

Can be used on different materials : plastic on metal, on wood, metal on metal, profile rubber, etc. Protects against jamming or freezing of doors, windows, sliding doors, etc. On all sliding surfaces for a clean dry & invisible lubrication.

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Chain Pro

Price €16.90

Chain Pro has an ultra penetrative, anti-corrosive synthetic formulation reinforced with Cerflon®. Ensures complete chain protection in all conditions.

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Dry Gliss

Price €22.40

Dry Gliss is a high quality special lubricative product based on PTFE and solvents.

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Deblock Shock

Price €13.90

Powerful spray to free non-destructively rusted, corroded and seized parts. The shock-freezing effect (<-43 °C) causes a thermo shock and microscopic cracks in the layer of rust. This allows the lubricating ingredients to penetrate instantly and deep into the seized parts.

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