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Active filters

D-Grease Cleaner

Price €8.56

Degreases and cleans all mechanical components. Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and hardened deposits; complete cleaning & degreasing of structural components in motor vehicles and industrial applications.

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D-Solv FoodPro

Price €12.31

Powerful, fast drying degreaser and cleaner for all industrial machine parts in food industry.

Efficiently removes oil, wax, grease, tar, resinous materials, adhesives or glues and many other substances.

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Brake Cleaner Pro XXXL

Price €6.50

High pressure aerosol for degreasing and cleaning of all brake parts, such as master cylinders, caliper, discs and clutch plates. Multi purpose cleaner.

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Multi Clean Active Foam

Price €13.69

Highly efficient active multipurpose cleaner for plane surfaces. The foam breaks up the filth and leaves a sparking streak-free surface.

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Bio Clean

Price €21.15

Bio Clean removes oil spills from all kinds and types of materials like: concrete, asphalt, ceramic tiles, painted and unpainted metal, textile, etc. The advanced formula of this product makes it 100% biodegradable, it’s absolutely safe for health and environment.

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Price €34.50

Xenum’s XH-Cleaner is a powerful hand soap. It is gentle on the skin and acts with strength and efficiency. Protect against frost and heat. It does not contain solvents and is biodegradable

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Price €22.40

Powerful cleaning wipes for automotive use.

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DPF Cleaner

Price €15.50

Xenum DPF Cleaner is a spray which has been developed to quickly and easily clean the soot filter. This way, soot, ash and other contamination can be removed from the DPF without dismantling. Thanks to this cleaning, the capacity of the DPF is restored and the life of the...

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