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Bug Vanish

Price €9.73

Cleaning spray for contactless removing traces of insects, bird droppings, pollen from all surfaces of cars, motorbikes and trucks. Bug Vanish has a high cleaning capability and does not damage the coating or other parts of the body.

Cabin Detailing

Price €13.90

Efficiently cleans, renews and protects all hard parts of the car interior, dashboard and other plastic, wooden and painted surfaces.

Clean Machine

Price €11.90

Clean Machine™ provides superior cleaning of the engine and the engine compartment. The active ingredients will dissolve quickly even the most persistent deposits of oil, grease, antifreeze, fuel and other dirt.

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Clean Wheels

Price €12.98

Clean Wheels™ is a powerful wheel cleaner that removes fast and efficiently brake dust, grease and other dirt. Suitable for steel, magnesium and alloy wheels as well as plastic hubcaps. Not suitable for non coated polished aluminum, stainless steel or chrome rims.

Crystal Clear

Price €10.82

Crystal Clear™ is an efficient and powerful cleaner for interior and exterior glass surfaces. Does not leave streaks.

Leather Balm

Price €24.17

Cleaning and care emulsion for all smooth and imitation leather, e.g. car interiors, motorcycle suits, bags, furniture, etc. Suitable for all colours. Easily removes dirt, oil, grease and refreshes the colours. Keeps leather supple, does not become slippery. UV protection.

Rapid Shine

Price €17.36

Instant wax for mirror-like high gloss for normal and metallic paint. Does not leave white residue on plastic parts. Brilliant colour refreshment. Easy application.

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Scratch Vanish

Price €11.36

Intensive polish for dull, highly widowed coloured and metallic paints. Special abrasives restore the paint surface, remove slight scratches, tar stains and dirt residues. Can also be processed with the polishing equipment.

Tex Renew

Price €11.90

Tex Renew™ deep cleans of all kinds of fabric and surfaces. It penetrates deep into the structure and actively releases dirt. Easily removes grease and food stains. Helps to restore the original appearance and color. Does not leave streaks.

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Wash & Shine

Price €12.98

Wash & Shine is developed so you can wash your car and give it a nice shine and a protective coating all in one step. High-quality carnauba wax ensures a lang lasting shine as well as an extreme protections, while the cleaning agents dissolve all kinds of dirt.

X-Shine Polish

Price €15.69

X-Shine Polish™ is a finishing polish that cleans your paint thoroughly achieving a brilliant result. Removes contamination and remnants of resins and ensures an ultra shiny finish. High quality waxes provide lasting protection.

Xtreme Polish

Price €32.45

Xtreme Polish™ coats and protects the paint against environmental influences with a stable and durable shiny protective layer, resulting in a soft smoothness, brilliant deep gloss and excellent water repelling power. Thanks to the unique EASY-TO-CLEAN formula, future maintenance will be much...