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Multifunctional fuel (diesel and petrol) additive. Improves fuel injection and general performance of engines and exhaust treatment systems.



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Basic benefits

  • Smooth and proper engine running, less noise and vibrations.
  • Greater fuel economy.
  • Increased power and engine dynamics.
  • Improved engine reliability.
  • Reduced toxic emissions and smoke.


  • Cleans and lubricates injectors and fuel systems.
  • Keeps the EGR and DPF/GPF systems clean.
  • Neutralizes water in the fuel tank.
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion.
  • Protects distributor injector pumps from wear.
  • Prevents seizing and the injectors needles from resinifying.
  • Protects the fuel from oxidation and degradation.


Use for preventive treatment. Suitable for all engines including the latest generation directly injected with EGR, Particle Filter and catalyser.


For further maintenance of the improved condition is recommended the Diesel Multi Conditioner fuel additive (ref: 3185250) or Petrol Multi Conditioner (ref: 3178250) for everyday use.

Directions of use

Add one can to fuel before filling. Mix 250 ml with a maximum of 70 litres of fuel.


250 ml can (12 x 250 ml carton)

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