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VRX 7.5W40

Price €43.00

VRX 7.5W40 is the very latest generation of engine oil. This product outperforms largely all traditional motor oils because of its unique formula: the very special mix of high performance synthetic ester base oils and high tech additives.

X1 0W40

Price €21.50

Ester based synthetic high performance engine oil that provides optimum protection and extended engine life and reliability.

GP 10W40

Price €20.50

GP 10W40 is a hybrid synthetic SAE 10W40 engine oil containing micro colloidal Carbon Graphite. Reduces the friction between moving engine parts that wastefully consume fuel energy. Efficiently prevents metal-to-metal contact and friction between surface asperities. Provides unsurpassed fuel...


Price €16.20

A new generation synthetic engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles formulated with synthetic base oils combined with special developed balanced additives.

X1-BIKE 10W50

Price €30.25

A modern ester based synthetic 4-stroke motor oil, produced with special selected base oils with a high and stable viscosity index and a well balanced choice of advanced additives. This engine oil provides optimum protection. It exceeds the performance requirements of all engine...