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Price €16.25

Restop is a hi-tech product designed to provide Triple-Action servicing of the engine cooling system:

  • repairing small leaks
  • lubricating the water pump
  • keeping the system clean and protected
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Price €77.95

‘In & Out Cleaner’ is a professional product of the latest generation, based on the ultimate Nexgen™ technology, with a double field of action:

  • Effectively cleans the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF), the catalytic converter, as well as the turbo compressor and its variable...
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Price €25.25

Ultimate multifunctional petrol fuel additive. Specially designed for modern petrol engines including the latest generation high pressure directly injected


Price €15.95

Improves fuel injection & general performance of petrol engines and exhaust treatment systems.

Clean Machine

Price €11.90

Clean Machine™ provides superior cleaning of the engine and the engine compartment. The active ingredients will dissolve quickly even the most persistent deposits of oil, grease, antifreeze, fuel and other dirt.

Use the code 'CarCare' for a...

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Clean Wheels

Price €12.98

Clean Wheels™ is a powerful wheel cleaner that removes fast and efficiently brake dust, grease and other dirt. Suitable for steel, magnesium and alloy wheels as well as plastic hubcaps. Not suitable for non coated polished aluminum, stainless steel or chrome rims.

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Price €28.98

Xenum DPF Cleaner is a spray which has been developed to quickly and easily clean the soot filter. This way, soot, ash and other contamination can be removed from the DPF without dismantling. Thanks to this cleaning, the capacity of the DPF is restored and the life of the...

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Price €52.50

Xenum’s XH-Cleaner is a powerful hand soap. It is gentle on the skin and acts with strength and efficiency. Protect against frost and heat. It does not contain solvents and is biodegradable

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Price €21.25

Powerful cleaner for all water-resistant greases and atmospheric deposits. Contains corrosion inhibitors that protect metal surfaces. Product can be used undiluted.

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Multi Clean Active Foam

Price €14.95

Highly efficient active multipurpose cleaner for plane surfaces. The foam breaks up the filth and leaves a sparking streak-free surface.

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