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Price €21.50

Recommended for all petrol and diesel engines.

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Price €21.50

Highly efficient product, which directly removes deposits from injectors, injection pump and combustion chambers. Improves fuel injection & general performance of the diesel engines.

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Price €16.28

High-Tech blend of inorganic acids and inhibitors, designed for effective removal of :

  • rust
  • lime scale build up
  • oily residues and deposits from engines cooling systems
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Price €637.50

DPF FLUSH is a professional product designed to use with the XENUM DPF Cleaning Tool. Two step cleaning method for clogged Diesel Particle Filters without the need for disassembly and the high cost of replacing the DPF.

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Price €22.50

For all types of automatic and manual transmissions.

Suitable for use in ATF flushing devices.

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