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XPG 5W30

Price €16.80

XPG 5W30 is a new generation engine oil based on a hi-tech combination of PAG & Ester oils, which provides superior level of lubrication, substantial reduction of friction and wear.

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In & Out Diesel

Price €65.50

‘In & Out Cleaner’ is a professional product of the latest generation, based on the ultimate Nexgen™ technology, with a double field of action:

  • Effectively cleans the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF), the catalytic converter, as well as the turbo compressor and its variable...
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Price €15.20

Nex10™ is compatible with all standard diesel fuels and their additives. Suitable for all Diesel engines including the latest generation directly injected CRD, TDI, JTD, HDI, with EGR, Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser.

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In & Out Petrol

Price €58.60

IN & OUT PETROL CLEANER is a professional product of a new generation with a double field of action in DI and IDI petrol engines.

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Intake Pro Diesel

Price €14.95

Powerful intake system cleaner for diesel engines. Cleaning takes only 5 to 10 minutes with a minimum necessity to dismantle components.

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Bug Vanish

Price €9.00

Cleaning spray for contactless removing traces of insects, bird droppings, pollen from all surfaces of cars, motorbikes and trucks. Bug Vanish has a high cleaning capability and does not damage the coating or other parts of the body.

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Cabin Detailing

Price €11.00

Efficiently cleans, renews and protects all hard parts of the car interior, dashboard and other plastic, wooden and painted surfaces.

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Clean Machine

Price €11.00

Clean Machine™ provides superior cleaning of the engine and the engine compartment. The active ingredients will dissolve quickly even the most persistent deposits of oil, grease, antifreeze, fuel and other dirt.

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Price €12.32

A modern, synthetic based, fuel economy universal motor oil, produced with special selected base oils with a high viscosity index and a well-balanced choice of advanced additives. This motor oil also contributes to the extension of the lifetime of particle filters. 

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