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Price €22.44

High temperature ceramic lubricant. Ceramic paste for effective lubrication under high temperatures and high pressure conditions.

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Dry Gliss

Price €23.69

Dry Gliss is a high quality special lubricative product based on PTFE and solvents.

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Super G

Price €17.49

The Super-G technology is a Trinergetic combination of powerful lubricants: Mo-Complex (liquid Molybdenum), Carbon Graphite and Complex Ester oils. Together they build a very strong lubricating film inside the engine. The film assures substantial decrease of the coefficient of friction and...

XC Lube + Cerflon

Price €15.63

High-tech multi-purpose product containing the advanced Cerflon ® reinforced lubricant. Obtains exceptional lubricative and protective properties even in severe applications.

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