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Scratch Vanish

Price €11.36

Intensive polish for dull, highly widowed coloured and metallic paints. Special abrasives restore the paint surface, remove slight scratches, tar stains and dirt residues. Can also be processed with the polishing equipment.

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X-Shine Polish

Price €15.69

X-Shine Polish™ is a finishing polish that cleans your paint thoroughly achieving a brilliant result. Removes contamination and remnants of resins and ensures an ultra shiny finish. High quality waxes provide lasting protection.

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Xtreme Polish

Price €32.45

Xtreme Polish™ coats and protects the paint against environmental influences with a stable and durable shiny protective layer, resulting in a soft smoothness, brilliant deep gloss and excellent water repelling power. Thanks to the unique EASY-TO-CLEAN formula, future maintenance will be much...

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