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DPF Fluid

Price €62.34

Professional product developed as replacement for soot filter fluids used by various manufacturers in onboard dosing systems. The DPF fluid makes it possible to burn soot particles quickly, completely and regularly at a lower combustion temperature.

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Dry Gliss

Price €23.69

Dry Gliss is a high quality special lubricative product based on PTFE and solvents.

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Price €21.50

For all types of automatic and manual transmissions.

Suitable for use in ATF flushing devices.

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Price €16.95

Professional product developed to ensure the reliability of the AdBlue® system. Increases the efficiency of AdBlue®. Prevents the formation of crystals in the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) as well as the contamination of AdBlue® injectors. Condition and protect the AdBlue® during...

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Price €22.44

High temperature ceramic lubricant. Ceramic paste for effective lubrication under high temperatures and high pressure conditions.

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Price €13.50

Synthetic high performance engine oil produced with special selected base oils with a high viscosity index and a well balanced choice of advanced additives. Provides optimum protection and extended engine life and reliability. Combines exceptional anti-wear performance and outstanding high...

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DPF Cleaner

Price €15.50

Xenum DPF Cleaner is a spray which has been developed to quickly and easily clean the soot filter. This way, soot, ash and other contamination can be removed from the DPF without dismantling. Thanks to this cleaning, the capacity of the DPF is restored and the life of the...

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Price €12.95

X-TIRE GEL is a durable gel that will make your tires look like new again. In addition to giving the tires back their deep black color, the gel also protects the rubber against ageing phenomena such as cracks.

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X-Shine Polish

Price €14.50

X-Shine Polish™ is a finishing polish that cleans your paint thoroughly achieving a brilliant result. Removes contamination and remnants of resins and ensures an ultra shiny finish. High quality waxes provide lasting protection.

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Scratch Vanish

Price €10.50

Intensive polish for dull, highly widowed coloured and metallic paints. Special abrasives restore the paint surface, remove slight scratches, tar stains and dirt residues. Can also be processed with the polishing equipment.

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Clean Machine

Price €11.00

Clean Machine™ provides superior cleaning of the engine and the engine compartment. The active ingredients will dissolve quickly even the most persistent deposits of oil, grease, antifreeze, fuel and other dirt.

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X-Brake DOT4

Price €11.56

X-Brake DOT 4 is a premium quality, thin-bodied synthetic brake fluid. Especially developed for the new generation of cars with electronic safety systems such as ABS, ASR, ESP, EBD, BAS and all their variants.


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