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In & Out Diesel

Price €65.50

‘In & Out Cleaner’ is a professional product of the latest generation, based on the ultimate Nexgen™ technology, with a double field of action:

  • Effectively cleans the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF), the catalytic converter, as well as the turbo compressor and its variable...
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VRX 7.5W40

Price €32.45

VRX 7.5W40 is the very latest generation of engine oil. This product outperforms largely all traditional motor oils because of its unique formula: the very special mix of high performance synthetic ester base oils and high tech additives.

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VRX 500

Price €51.95

VRX500 is an ultimate generation engine oil additive, chemical of the latest technology in elaboration of lubrication and engine performance.

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GP 10W40

Price €13.53

GP 10W40 is a hybrid synthetic SAE 10W40 engine oil containing micro colloidal Carbon Graphite. Reduces the friction between moving engine parts that wastefully consume fuel energy. Efficiently prevents metal-to-metal contact and friction between surface asperities. Provides unsurpassed fuel...

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Ultimax Diesel Conditioner

Price €17.20

Recommended for all Diesel engines including the latest generation with Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser. Biodiesel compatible.

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GPR 10W60

Price €18.60

GPR 10W60 is a synthetic top grade engine oil, containing ‘Micro Carbon Graphite’, provides important advantages over other oils. Reduces friction between moving engine parts that wastefully consumes fuel energy.

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Price €15.20

Nex10™ is compatible with all standard diesel fuels and their additives. Suitable for all Diesel engines including the latest generation directly injected CRD, TDI, JTD, HDI, with EGR, Diesel Particle Filter and catalyser.

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X-Flush Diesel Injection Flush

Price €16.20

Highly efficient product, which directly removes deposits from injectors, injection pump and combustion chambers. Improves fuel injection & general performance of the diesel engines.

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